Overall Advantage

inline greatly reduce waitlist processing time

Booking the restaurant

Traditionally when booking at the restaurant the restaurant staff will have to quickly write down the guests name, and call to reconfirm the day before the reservation. Not only is this method inefficient, it is also time-consuming to dial the phone number and waiting for it to connect.


inline helps by cutting down the time with the automated service. Customer is notified automatically by text the day before the reservation.  Once the customer replies the restaurant’s iPad will be marked so the restaurant staff knows the reservation status. Greatly reduce errors and improve service quality. 

Traditional booking method

  • Staff on standby to answer calls
  • Prone to writing errors
  • Might be unclear over the phone
  • May need to redial to guest

inline Reservation

  • Automated calls  
  • Automatically record data  
  • Avoid communication problems  
  • Automated SMS confirmation  

When customer arrives

While processing the waitlist, and staff is shorthanded during rush hour.

inline will help restaurant staff save time by speeding up the flow of customers with simple automated service. Simply press the button and the system will automatically call the customer to confirm their seats. Restaurant staff can focus on ushering the guests and other task.

Traditional booking

  • Register (15sec)

    Handwritten note

  • 1st Notification (60sec)

    Input phone number
    Waiting to connect
    Confirm with customer
    No answer

  • 2nd Notification(60sec)

  • Ushering (10sec)

    Crossout customer name

  • Finish

    Out of patience...

inline queuing

  • Register(10sec)

    Input dining time
    Input customer information

  • Notify customer (1sec)

    1 button notification

  • SMS confirmation (1sec)

    Automated text message

  • Ushering (1sec)

    Slide to usher

  • Finish!

    Quick and easy

Changes after using inline

Significantly reduce

  • Costs
  • Pressure
  • Waiting time
  • Human errors

Significantly increase

  • Seated customers
  • Table turnover rate
  • Online reservation
  • Satisfaction

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